There are different reasons why we are convinced that your enterprise should be included in Free Zone La Plata. These reasons include the advantages of having the best regional distribution center, from the geographical point of view,as much as services and logistic support only available in our park, as long as a privileged location in the South Market.

Our services in logistics and distribution, can be compared with those you can find in the main international business centers. Otherwise, since its creation in 1997, Free Zone La Plata has had a growing rhythm that guarantees the quality of the infrastructure and services found in the park.

Merchant Marine Law

The unions grouped in the Maritime, Port and Naval Industry Federation (Fempinra) held on September 25 a plenary of delegates with the aim of raising awareness of the need for a Merchant Marine Law that prevents the country from losing its export competitiveness. The Fe...

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The future of the supply chain

The supply chain that currently connects the world would have been unimaginable at any other time in history. The access road to the market has become, today, an authentic highway. In operation 24 × 7. Global commerce never sleeps. In fact, not even for a moment t...

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