Trade Up SRL

Trade Up SRL was born in 1997, together with the creation of the Free Zone to satisfy the development of the import/export section activity.

Since then we have accumulated experience running warehouses, in very different types according to the kind of goods and clients working in the area.

We have added Racks, which allow a better storage of the merchandise; electric machinery, avoiding combustion engines which make noise, smoke, etc; and advanced technology for better stock control.

With wide commercial offices in FZLP and in Federal Capital, Buenos Aires, with new communication means for our clients, such as weekly newsletters, installed Mary System (IMS), etc. Trade Up SRL wants, above all things, excellence in communication and a prompt answer, to be close to the customer at any moment, avoiding extra charges to the original transaction.

Trade Up SRL has got a flexible structure, which makes it adjust easily to every day changes. So, we can develop a product according to each customerĀ“s wishes, for ouraim, is to sell services, knowing that only the complete satisfaction of your needs will make us renew your trust. Our warehouse, with more than 1500 m2 is properly authorized by the Fre Zone La Plata Entity, and has been built according to international quality and security meassures from the rules in force.