Free Zone La Plata

Free Zone La Plata is an extra -Customs territory, where the merchandise that enter and stay therein, are free from import and export rights and taxes, up to the moment in which they are finally destined to consumption in the General Customs Territory. (GCT)

Moreover, industries in FZLP are benefited with free importation of commodity machinery and equipment, having industrial services free from taxes and encumbrances of any kind. Inside the zone, our legislation allows commercial business, industrial and services activities with the following characteristics:

Companies having business activities will be able to import and store their products in FZLP, and send them to GCT for consumption and/or re-export them to third countries

Products entering for consumption in home market will be charged rights and taxes at the moment of their nationalization, being able to be partially divided according to the needs of sale or production in the case of industrial commodities.

Industrial activity in FZLP, offers excellent terms to export local manufactured products in competitive conditions with international markets and without charging taxes in the production costs. Services Activity allows the establishment of service and professional companies inside FZLP making a highly specialized section supporting export trade.

The Beginning

Early in the twentieth century, in 1907, the National Congress promulgated the law number 5142, setting up that in the area of the harbour of La Plata, there would be a free trade zone, where the companies established therein, could operate in foreign trade, free from rights and taxes to the importation and exportation of goods.

With the idea of giving a suitable background to the export development in our country, the legislators in that moment, gave rise to the creation of a new rule in the continent, in order to connect our recent production with the international market.

Only in 1991, the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires recovered this initiative, promoting the regulation and starting of what today is a concrete reality in full growth: Free zone La Plata.

In 1993, the rule, dating from the beginning of the century, was regulated, and in the following year, all the other provinces, by means of their legislators, promulgated the Law number 24331, enabling each of them to have their own free zone.

With this law and the creation of the Free Zone Administration and Exploitation Entity, the government of the province of Buenos Aires, was a pioneer in the development of argentinian free zones, establishing the suitable legal instruments, calling a national and international public bidding for the exploitation of FZLP, and awarding it to the company named Buenos Aires Free Zone La Plata S.A.